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Our Kids Holiday Camps for Easter, Summer, Autumn, Christmas, Saturdays and Bank holidays offer a wide range of engaging activities specifically designed to captivate young minds and keep them entertained throughout their break and weekend. From fun outdoor activities to creative arts and crafts, workshops, sports, and more, we ensure that each day is filled with exciting and age-appropriate activities.

Contact us today to learn more about our current Kids Holiday Camp program, and secure a spot for your little one. With our unforgettable activities, safe environment, nurturing staff, and lasting impact, our DAR KIDS camp promises a fun experience that will create lifelong memories.

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Fun Activities



Ergotherapy offers a transformative experience for kids, enhancing their physical, cognitive, sensory, psychological, and social skills through engaging and purposeful activities and arts. By immersing themselves in this enriching process, children can develop and strengthen various abilities, leading to overall growth and well-being.

By offering ergotherapy as part of our Camp activities, we can help with an holistic approach to development, address multiple domains of your children’s well-being and empower them to reach their full potential.


Each workshop is thoughtfully designed to accommodate individual participants or groups of up to 5 children, based on the attendance or demand on the day. The workshops typically last around 25 minutes, providing a focused and engaging experience. In between workshops, playtime interludes are offered, allowing children to relax, unwind, and enjoy unstructured play activities.

Our workshop selection is constantly updated to ensure a fresh and exciting experience for children. We value feedback from parents, and based on their input, we add new activities or make adjustments as needed. This commitment to evolving and improving our workshops guarantees an engaging and relevant program.

• Martial Arts
• Music Therapy – Piano, Guitar & Vocals
• Drums, Percussions & Tank Drums
• Neuro Motricity & Fine Motor Skills
• Spanish & English
• Pottery or Sewing
• Ballet or Theatre
• Right-Hemisphere Painting





Monday to Friday 10 AM to 4 PM

1 Day – 35€
1 Week – 150€
4 Weeks – 500€
8 Weeks – 950€

Includes a meal, snacks and drinks*.

20% Siblings Discount**


Saturdays 10 AM to 4 PM

35€ per Day 
Saturday Camps only take place outside holiday periods and are scheduled to avoid overlapping with our holiday camps.

Includes a meal, snacks and drinks*.

20% Siblings Discount**

* Providing your own Picnic is allowed. However, the fee per child remains the same. | ** Discount Terms apply


The DAR Community Centre and Kids team is a vibrant and enthusiastic group committed to providing children and families with a supportive and stimulating environment. Organise enjoyable and informative events, promote healthy social interaction, and develop a feeling of community and belonging for all participants using a variety of skills and experiences.

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We offer a range of options, including a play and photo zone, attractions, bouncing castles, cakes and many more activities. Anything to suit your specific needs – whether you’re looking for a seamless event experience with catering, decorations, and additional materials or prefer to customise your package.

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