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The DAR Community Centre and DAR KIDS team is a dynamic and passionate group dedicated to creating a nurturing and engaging environment for children and families. With diverse skills and experiences, organise fun and educational activities, promote positive social interaction, and foster a sense of community and belonging for everybody involved.

Lola Smolokowski

Lola Smolokowski


Lola Smolokowski, 46 – DAR Community Centre Director and DAR Charity Association Co-founder, is a very accomplished person. She is a devoted mother of twin boys, fluent in English, French, Spanish and Russian, and her professional background is a testament to her versatility and unwavering commitment to positively impacting society. She is a gifted concert pianist and Founder of the project “HomeOrchestra” Switzerland. Lola’s education includes studies at renowned institutions such as Gnessin School of Music, State University of World Languages, and Geneva Conservatory of Music, with a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance.

Claire Willing

Claire Willing

Childcare Executive

Claire Willing, 49 – brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her role. From the Island of Jersey, UK, Claire has spent 25 years working across Europe, specialising in caring for neurotypical, special needs children, vulnerable adults, and the elderly. Her diverse background includes nanny work and special needs schools. She has run a horse yard, facilitating interactions between children and animals. In Spain, she worked as a special needs tutor and shadow person for the Javea expat community and at Xabia International College. Her passion and dedication ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all children at “DAR KIDS”.

Nicola Brownbill

Kindergarten Headteacher

Nicola Brownbill, 50 – has embarked on a teaching career with enthusiasm and dedication. Her experience includes working with Lady Elizabeth School in the Early Years Department, where she engaged with children aged 2-5 years old. During her tenure, Nicola served as an assistant to the teacher, actively participating in educational activities and fostering a nurturing learning environment. Her passion for working with children is evident in her commitment to furthering her career in this field, as she aims to pursue a Level 3 Diploma in Early Years education. Nicola’s experience in teaching underscores her enthusiasm for helping young minds grow and thrive.

Rosanne de Giorgio

Special Need Coordinator

Rosanne de Giorgio, Director of Excelentia Academy, is dedicated to education. With qualifications from the University of York in the United Kingdom and certification in Spain, she excels in dyslexia, literacy, teaching, and educational consultancy. Her innovative methodologies, including Steve Jobs’ concept, showcase her commitment to student success. Passionate about dyslexia awareness, her research aims to enhance learning experiences. Rosanne’s ethos of identifying underlying conditions reflects in her Excelentia Centre, nurturing resilience in young minds.Her ongoing educational research aims to enhance the academic journey of students facing specific learning difficulties and stays updated through UK and Europe conferences.

Alvaro Diez

Alvaro Diez

Music Coordinator

Alvaro Diez, 48 – brings extensive expertise as a Professor in Drums and Percussions. Beginning his drum studies at 12 years old, he graduated from Trinity School in New York, where he trained under renowned teachers such as Mark Schuldman, Gregg Bissonette, and Dom Famularo. Alvaro specializes in Symphonic Drums and Modern Drums and holds a Master’s Degree in Classical Percussion. His teaching experience includes music instruction at “Laude Lady Elizabeth” and “Aprosdeco” schools in Spain and working with centres dedicated to individuals with functional diversity.

Vladislav Bannikov

Vladislav Bannikov

Guitar Teacher

Vladislav Bannikov, 20 – a skilled classical guitarist with a strong foundation in music. He excels in both acoustic and electric guitars. Vladislav has been based in Jávea since 2003 and is fluent in Russian, English, and Spanish. His education includes Music and Art A-levels from XIC and ESO from IE.S. La Mar, Jávea. He has received music education from Moscow Music Elementary School, La Escuela de Música del Poble Nou de Benitatxel, and Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Jávea. Vladislav has achieved notable success in music competitions and actively participates in Javea Jazz Big Band and Orba Guitar Orchestra.

Iryna Solovei - Craft coordinator DAR

Iryna Solovei

Crafts Coordinator

Iryna Solovei is an experienced designer and decorator with a diverse background spanning from floristic art to handmade decorations. With a passion for fostering creativity and imagination in young minds, she actively participates in international exhibitions. Iryna provides a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore their artistic abilities, express themselves freely, and develop essential motor skills. She firmly believes in the limitless potential of creativity and is dedicated to ignite joy and cultivate a lifelong love for crafting in every child she teaches.

Vera - Chef DAR

Vera Sapelyak


Vera Sapelyak,48 – has a diverse educational background, and holds a degree in economics as her primary qualification and later pursued a second degree in food industry technology.Vera is a versatile cook with expertise in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. With a background in economics and food technology, she has excelled as a cook and confectionery technologist, owning a successful business in Ukraine from 2008 to 2022. Now, she brings her culinary talents to Spain, dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences at DAR and inspiring others through her passion for food.

Geovanny Sanchez Salazar - Sports Coordinator DAR

Geovanny Sanchez Salazar

Sports Coordinator

Geovanny Sánchez Salazar, a fourth Dan degree holder in Washinkai Karate, serves as the president and head coach of the Washinkai Club. Having trained in Ecuador in Wadu Ryu before mastering Washinkai Karate in Spain, he has established Washinkai España as a leading karate club recognized by the Spanish and Valencian Karate Federation. Additionally, Geovanny holds Black Belts in Goshin and Taijutzu, martial arts styles focusing on defence and part of the Washinkai syllabus. Emphasizing defensive techniques, Geovanny aims to instil confidence, awareness, and focus in his students, reflecting the essence of Karate – “with an open hand.”

Morozova Inessa

Inessa Morozova

Special Needs Coordinator

Inessa Morozova, 40 – in DAR KIDS, Inessa plays a crucial role in welcoming and integrating neurodivergent children and visitors with special needs. As a neuropsychologist and cognitive psychotherapist, she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her position. With an impressive educational background, Inessa studied at Research Tomsk State University; she is also an expert in EEG as a diagnostic tool for neuropsychologists and is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Inessa’s dedication to her field and her passion for helping children with developmental challenges make her a valuable asset to the team.